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BP Series Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

Pressure Booster System

The BP-ECH/EDH is a compact device designed for water supply and pressure boosting in residential buildings. The pipeline pressure remains constant thanks to the integrated inverter controller. The pressure sensor inside monitors the water demand of the user and the controller will regulate the pump speed to meet the demand. This system is easy to install into the pipeline and then it operates automatically.

Water supply and pressure boosting for domestic and light commercial applications, such as villas, small communities, schools, small hotels and office buildings.

- Constant pressure by integrated speed control Compact structure
- Reliable stainless steel construction for easy installation and operation for a long working lifetime
- Dry running protection
- Anti-freezing
- Quiet operation

Product Composition
- ECH/EDH pump with integrated inverter
- 5-way connector with non-return
- Pressure gauge
- Pressure sensor

  • BP-ECH

  • BP-EDH

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