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Split Case Centrifugal Pump

The GSX series split case centrifugal pump is UL certified, and is the third innovative generation of highly efficient, double suction pumps. This series was developed using advanced technology from both at home and abroad, so that it has a number of features, including a superior hydraulic performance, new reasonable structure, high efficiency and high reliability as well as low cavitations and low maintenance cost.
The design, manufacturing and quality of this series are in accordance with National Standard GB/T5657 (The Technical Specifications of Centrifugal Pumps Type III). The efficiency rate meets National Standard GB197692 (Energy Efficiency Limit and Energy-saving Evaluation Value of Centrifugal Pumps for Clear Water).

The split case centrifugal pumps are used to deliver clear water or other liquids similar in physical and chemical properties, though the primary use of this pump specifically is water supply in firefighting systems.
With corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant material, the centrifugal pump is also used for transferring of industrial waste water, sea water and dirty water with little particles, making them suitable for use in supply and drainage systems and cooling systems in iron and steel industries, petrochemical industries, thermo power plants, mines,
urban water supply, heating systems, irrigation and water conservation projects.

Working Data
Capacities from 500 to 1000 US GPM
Pressure from 75.8 to 318 psi
Inlet Diameter: 6" , 8"
Temperature: Normal temperature
Medium: Pure water and similar to that of pure water
Drivers: Electric motor drive or diesel engine drive

Open View
Split Case Centrifugal Pump

2 Pump Casing
Round water chamber design, with high efficiency.
The double volute water chamber balances the radial force, and features an excellent strength, low force for bearing and sealing, and long operation period.
The suction chamber is designed with a guiding rib, and features no whirl during suction, stable operation, noiseless and an excellent cavitation performance.
Friction resistant and corrosion resistant paint is used in the suction chamber and discharge flow channel for a low hydraulic loss.

3 Coupling Cover
Split structure is safe and reliable, conforming to UL standards.

4 Sealing Ring
The seal ring is a stepped designed with a low volume loss.

6 Shaft
It is designed to be thicker with a great rigidity and stable operation.
A complete sealing design is used without connecting with liquids, making maintenance easy.
Short time reverse rotation is allowable, and the shaft can be used for both rotations.

9 Bearing
Short span and enlarged diameter design are used, both of which give the pump a stable and long operation period.
Grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings are provided on both sides. Infuse oil online

12 Impeller
It is designed with a three-dimensional flow theory and CFD calculation & simulation that have the advantages of a high efficiency and good cavitation performance.
Adjacent vanes are an interlaced design and V-type discharge feature an excellent flow, low pulsation, low vibration and high efficiency.
Metal mold, digital machining, and accurate roughcast are adopted.

13 Packing Seal
-High quality packing seals with no leakage during operation for long periods of time
-Stainless steel shaft sleeve is convenient for maintenance.
-Split packing cover has enough space for packing replacement

Material Table of Split Case Centrifugal Pump
No. Part Material
1 Sealing Pipe Parts 0Cr18Ni9
2 Pump Casing QT500-7
3 Coupling Cover Q235-B
4 Sealing Ring ☆ ZG1Cr18Ni9
5 Protecting Cover Q235-B
6 Shaft 40Cr
7 Bearing Resist Sleeve 0Cr18Ni9
8 Coupling Parts 45# Steel
9 Bearing Parts SKF(Brand)
10 Bearing Housing QT500-7
11 Impeller Resist Sleeve 0Cr18Ni9
12 Impeller ZG1Cr18Ni9
13 Packing Seal Parts ☆ Metal asbestos
14 Pump body QT500-7

Remarks: The part with ☆ is wearing part

Performance Parameter List
Model Rated Capacity (UL Listed) Pressure Shaft Power Motor Eff. Inlet Dia. Outlet Dia. Power Weight  
Power Volt Speed
US·GPM m³/h psi bar Kw Kw V rpm %
GSX150-6/2 A 500 113.6 75.8 5.2 44 75 380 2990 50.2 6〞 4〞 170
B 148.5 10.2 72 110 60
GSX150-4/2 A 148.8 10.3 76.8 132 41.4 200
B 220 15.2 117.4 200 40
GSX200-6/2 A 750 170.3 122.2 8.4 84.5 110 63 4〞 5〞 200
B 189.5 13.1 129.5 200 63.9
GSX200-9/2 A 100 6.9 75 110 63 6〞 260
B 119 8.2 87.5 132 63.9
GSX200-6G/2 A 1000 227.1 125 8.6 112 160 65.1 5〞 300
B 168.6 11.6 125 200 67.4
GSX200-9G/2 A 82 5.7 71 160 67.8 6〞 260
B 98.5 6.8 131.5 200 71
GSX200-4G/2 A 248 17.1 204 315 61 5〞 340
B 318 21.9 234 315 67.6

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