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Domestic lifting station

 Domestic lifting station

- Domestic lifting station, as a lifting station, is suitable for pumping of wastewater off place in private dwellings and basement where wastewater cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of a natural downward slope.
- Domestic lifting station is typically used for:
- Renovation of offices or other commercial buildings.
- Wall-mounted toilets in basements below sewer level.
- Washing machines & dish washers.
- Toilet, wash basins, bathtubs and cabinet showers in the bathrooms which are far away from the main soil pipe so that a natural slope cannot be established.

Domestic lifting station Features
- Compact and slim for easy installation.
- Automatic start and stop.
- Top quality air switch and carbon filter from Germany.
- Circuit board with time delay function and low voltage protection.
- Low noise.
- New blade and support with better cutting performance.
- Suitable for sewage water containing toilet paper and faeces with cutting blade.

Operating Conditions for Domestic lifting station
- Max. liquid temperature: 50℃.
- Max. ambient temperature: 35℃.
- PH value: 4 - 10
- The pump must not be used for strong chemicals or solvents.

Technical Data of Domestic lifting station
MODEL POWER Q(m³/h) 0 2.1 3.9 5.1 6.3 6.9 7.5
Single Phase W Q(l/min) 0 35 65 85 105 115 125
WC600A 600 H(m) 9.2 8.5 7.5 6.5 5.5 4.5 3.5
Domestic lifting station Hydraulic Performance Curves
Material Table of Domestic lifting station
No. Part Material No. Part Material
1 Outlet EPDM 13 Upper Cover ZL 102
2 Connector PP 14 Rotor
3 3-Way PP 15 Stator
4 Cover PP 16 Bearing Seat ZL 102
5 Outlet Cover ABS 17 Stator Shield ZG 304
6 Motor Cover ABS 18 Impeller PPO
7 Air Switch
19 Cutting Blade AISI 304
8 Capacitor
20 Stirrer PPO
9 Tank Cover ABS 21 Water Tank ABS
10 Pump Body PP 22 Outlet NBR
11 Cutting Ring AISI 304 23 Feed Pipe EPDM
12 Circuit Board

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