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XST Standard Centrifugal Pump

XST Standard Centrifugal Pump

Application of XST Standard Centrifugal Pump:
Cieculation and transfer of clean ,chemically non-aggressive water and other liquids
Wather supply & irrigation
Water circulation in air conditioning systems

Operating Conditions of XST Standard Centrifugal Pump:
- Delivery: up to 220 m3/h
- Head: up to 95 m
- Liquid temperature: - 10 to 85℃
- Max. operating pressure: 12 bar (PN12)
- Impeller: AISI 304/ HT 200
- Mechanical seal in compliance with DIN 24960
- Lubricated by internal recirculating liquid
- Counter flange available on request

XST Standard Centrifugal Pump Motor Features:
- Closed construction, external ventilation
- Insulation class: F
- Protection class: IP 54
- Performance in compliance with CEI 2-3 (IEC 34.1)
- Max. ambient temperature: +40℃
- Overload protection

Construction Features
Single-impeller centrifugal pump featuring axial intake and radial discharge
Inlet and outlet DN in compliance with EN 733(ex DNI 24255)and UNI 7467
Flanges in compliance with UNI 2236 and DIN 2532 Rear entry (impeller,motor can be extracted without disconnecting the pump form the pipes)

Accessories on Request
Galvanised iron threaded counter flanges
Flanged tapered coupling
Pump and motor sealing gasket

Characteristic Curves
Characteristic Curves
Materials Table of Standard Centrifugal Pump
No. Part Material
1 Motor
2 Support HT200
3 Pump shaft Steel/AISI 304
4 Mechanical seal Carbon/Silicon carbide
5 Impeller HT200/Stainless steel
6 Nut AISI 304
7 Pump body HT200
8 Flange HT200

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