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MAC 550 Pressure Booster Pump

MAC 550 Pressure Booster Pump

The LEO MAC550 is an intelligent pressure booster system which can automatically adjust performance according to water demand. It provides constant pressure to all taps in a building.

Water supply and pressure boosting for all domestic applications.
Garden watering, building water supply and agriculture.

Variable Speed
MAC550 can adjust performance automatically by adjusting the motor speed according to water demand. It can provide constant pressure to all taps.

Multiple Protection
Several protective functions are incorporated to ensure its long service life, including pressure protection, blocking protection, leakage protection, no-water protection, dry-running protection, over-heating protection, over/under-voltage protection.

Energy Efficient & Money Saving
Permanent magnet frequency-converting motor can automatically adjust the RPM to match the required outlet water which helps reduce power consumption and lower your energy bills.

Easy Selection
One model for most domestic applications.

Low Noise
Sound level< 47dB (A) in typical use, thanks to water cooled motor.

User Friendly
Working pressure and fault codes are displayed on touch control panel, through which you can adjust working pressure.

Easy Installation
Compact all-in-one solution, integrating high efficiency pump, non­return valve, sensor, speed controller and pressure vessel together.

Technical Details
Technical data MAC550
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. Power 550W
Max. Flow 4.8m³/h
Max. Head 40m
Max. Speed 5200rpm
Max. Current 2.7A
Max. Suction 6m
Connection Size G 1"

Ambient temperature: Max. +50℃
Liquid temperature: Max. +40°C
Liquid PH value: 6.5 ~ 8.5
System pressure: Max.10 bar
Ingress protection: F
Sound pressure level: 47dB(A) in typical use
Protection class: IPX4 (Suitable for outdoor installation)
Dimensions: 392x160x315 mm
Weight: 11 kg

Hydraulic Performance Cures
Hydraulic Performance Cures
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