32SWP Wastewater & Sewage Water Pump

 32SWP Wastewater & Sewage Water Pump

- Used in pressure sewage system.
- Drainage of wastewater from individual residences, apartment buildings, recreational developments, models.
- Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings, industrial plants, wastewater sampling, small hospitals.
- Schools, federal, state and local parks, wastewater drainage.
- To transfer various wastewater and sewage.

Sewage Water Pump Features
- The pump has a semi-open impeller design with a reliable grinding system.
- The large-diameter impeller generates a high pressure and the grinding system grinds solids into small pieces, which can be drained without clogging the pipes.
- The pumps can be connected to pipes directly or to an auto-coupling system.
- Flow switch included for single phase pump with motor pump ≤1.1kw.

Working Conditions for sewage Water Pump
- Liquid temperature: 0-40℃
- Max. Immersion depth: 5 m.

Sewage Water Pump Motor Features
- Frequency/Pole number: 50Hz/2.
- Insulation class: F.
- Protection Class: IPX8.
- Bearing: Ball Type.
- Mechanical seal: Double-end mechanical seals.

Technical Data of 32SWP Wastewater & Sewage Water Pump
Model Power Discharge mm(inch) Rated Flow (m³ /h ) Rated Head (m) Solid Passage (mm)
Single Phase Three Phase KW HP
32SWPm3.6-17-1.1/QG 32SWP3.6-17-1.1/QG 1.1 1.5 32(1 1/4") 3.6 17 ˗
32SWPm3.6-23-1.5/QG 32SWP3.6-23-1.5/QG 1.5 2 32(1 1/4") 3.6 23 ˗
32SWPm3.6-30-2.2/QG 32SWP3.6-30-2.2/QG 2.2 3 32(1 1/4") 3.6 30 ˗
Hydraulic Performance Curves for 32SWP Wastewater & Sewage Water Pump
Material Table of 32SWP Wastewater & Sewage Water Pump
No. Part Material
1 Handle ZG304
2 Upper Cover HT200
3 Upper Bearing Seat HT200
4 Motor Body HT200
5 Oil Chamber HT200
6 Pump Cover HT200
7 Pump Body HT200
8 Impeller HT200
9 Cutting Ring AISI 034
10 Radial Cutter AISI 034
11 Oil Seal
12 Mechanical Seal Upper: Sic/Carbon Lower: Sic
13 Bearing
14 Rotor
15 Stator

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